How Old Do You Have to Be to Sign a Professional Football Contract

Young footballers can often be represented as students, as was the case when FC Midtjylland registered three minors as amateurs with the Danish federation through a « cooperation agreement » with Nigerian club FC Ebedei. This forced FIFA`s Players` Status Committee to decide that Article 19 applies to both amateur and professional players. A European passport can also be useful, as in the case of Ben Lederman, one of the underage players involved in the investigation in which Barcelona imposed a transfer ban two years ago. Although he is American, Lederman had a European passport because of his Polish ancestry, but was signed at the age of 15. He was then banned from Barcelona`s youth teams for over a year and eventually had to return to the United States to play. He eventually returned to the Barcelona Academy, from where he joined Ghent in Belgium this summer. For all boys who join a professional academy at the age of 9, 0.5% will even make a career in football. Premiership clubs also have U-21 teams to bridge the gap between the reserve team and the first team. The change means that young players from the age of 14 will be able to sign professional contracts with their respective clauses, similar to those signed by other players in the first and second divisions.

Does it matter where I live? Yes. Strict new rules have been introduced to prevent clubs from recruiting young players who live outside their catchment area. The youngest player ever drafted in the NFL is Amobi Okoye, who was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2007 when he was just 19 years old. This Nigerian-born footballer could be drafted so young because he started university at just 16 years old. He played less than a decade before health problems invalidated him. Salaries in the English youth system are astronomical compared to other football nations. Countries with endless amounts of talent, but less money flowing into the national league. French players with over 200 bets can win less than the £30,000 a week that Raheem Sterling earned at the age of 17. While you may have dreamed of becoming a professional quarterback since childhood, you can`t play in the NFL until you`re an adult. While there is no minimum age for professional football players, the NFL requires you not to be in high school for at least three years before being eligible to play.

If the average age of an NFL player is 26, it means that there are a number of players who are older and some younger. A number of NFL players played up to the age of 40. The NFL`s oldest player is George Blanda, who last played for the Oakland Raiders in 1975, when he was nearly 49 years old. Elliott was 16 years and 30 days old at the time and managed to play for the first team even before signing a professional contract. Yes, in 2005, the transfer of 16-year-old Paraguayan player carlos javier caballero to FC Cadiz in Spain was rejected. A week after the player signed a contract, his mother found a job in a restaurant in Spain. The Paraguayan federation refused to issue an international transfer certificate due to the player`s age. The Spanish federation appealed to FIFA`s Players` Status Committee, citing the mother`s move, but decided that the exception in Article 19 was not applicable in the circumstances, as it considered that the parental move to Spain was directly related to the player`s transfer to Cadiz. Not always.

Labour law differs from country to country, including within the EU. In Spain, the youngest age at which a footballer can sign a professional contract is 18, while in England he can sign stock market contracts at 16 and sign a professional contract at 17. A combination of this and the Article 19 exemption for European transfers has allowed English clubs to attract talent from the continent as they could offer conditions earlier in the player`s career. What are FIFA`s rules on the obligation of minors? Which clubs have come into conflict with them? And what are the consequences? Most players have to wait until they are 19 before they know if they have a future at the club. Young players receive a salary when they leave school and sign a professional contract. As in other industries where an intern receives a low salary before signing a professional contract. This is when players enter the scholarship phase of the academy. Matthew, a lawyer at Mills & Reeve LLP, specializes in sports law and is an FA and RFL registered lawyer. He advises players` associations such as the Professional Players` Federation, the Professional Footballers` Association, PFA Scotland, Rugby Players Association, 1eagu3 and their members, a number of professional football clubs, players and agents on regulatory and legal matters. The age limit is in line with the various international treaties on the subject, the underlying idea being that it is the age at which a child or athlete usually finishes high school and is ready to start working.

However, professional clubs have now set themselves the goal of lowering the minimum age from two to 14. What exactly is an academy? Academies are special training programs set up by clubs to help them develop young players. All Premiership clubs have them. The lack of English players who make it to top-level football only adds value to the few players who make it. This allows the player`s agent to demand even higher salaries for teenage players. The vicious circle continues. There is a lot of talk in the media about « pre-contracts » that can be negotiated between top teams and teams from other countries. I have seen few pre-contracts negotiated between PL teams and players currently working for other PL teams. .